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she used to meet in Royallieu wore lace dresses Recipe

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chanel bags 2012 so, in order not to ‘belong’ to their circle, she invented dresses for herself that were so simple they over-emphasized decency. From then on, she will always dress as a reasonable young woman, wearing one of those boater hats that she made herself and became the rage among her friends. She went against things in order to create. ‘What I hated I wanted to make out-of-date,’ she would say.In her designs, Chanel never projected the image of the ideal woman as designers do in general. She built her mythical style upon her particular characteristics and her difference.She was different. Chanel turned this difference into a fundamental asset, though it must have been a terrible suffering for her. We worked on that transformation with Audrey. At first, she bag appears as a little peasant girl, unpolished with a beehive hairstyle; then, we see how her style clashes with the other women only to become, in the last part of the movie, the incarnation of French chic. I thought it was interesting to give shape to this evolution without over-explaining things. Little by little, everything in her was grace, and what people looked at was Chanel.Your movie is also based on a beautiful and tragic love story.We watch her meet the two men who will deeply change her destiny: Balsan, a rich eccentric gentleman farmer played by Beno?t Poelvoorde; and this young Englishman, Arthur Capel, called ‘Boy,’ the love of her life, interpreted by Alessandro Nivola. This man believes in her and that is important, but she loses him. ‘I lost everything with the loss of Capel’ said Chanel. Then, Chanel throws herself into work. What mainly surprised and interested me was that chanel purse forum everything Chanel invented came from those years. Later, her fashion adapted and she developed her style; she became a professional. That is the reason why this period of her life is livelier and more moving. There is something within her that is extremely determined and vulnerable at the same time. Chanel has an incredible vitality built on her suffering.‘A woman who cried her eyes dry’ is what people said about her.Yes, and Chanel overcomes her pain through work, precisely! I like the way she treats misfortune and turns suffering into creativity. That is another interesting point in dealing with this part of her life because when she became a celebrity, she inevitably became a bit mechanical, tough and isolated.This woman also had a cutting humour.Chanel has a lot of irony. In the movie, she tells her sister, ‘The only interesting think about love is to make love. chanel purse cake It’s such a pity you have to have a man for that!’ It shows her sense of aphorism. Chanel seduced with her biting replies. At their first encounter, she tells Balsan, ‘When I’m bored I feel very old,’ so he asks her, ‘And how old are you now?’ She replies, ‘A thousand years!’Balsan begins somewhat indifferent but grows very close to Chanel.I loved creating the character of Balsan, about whom we know very little. Somehow for him, too, love does not exist. He loves his horses; he loves rather naughty parties; and at the same time, the party man hides a deeper emotionalism and humanity. When I thought of this man, I immediately thought of Beno?t Poelvoorde. He was the only one who could render both the agitator and endearing side in him. It is through her observation of the little world around Balsan that Chanel will forge her style, drawing inspiration, for example, from the light and functional fabrics of sportswear, modifying riding outfits, or borrowing Balsan’s pyjamas. It is while looking into Balsan’s wardrobes that she first improvises her boyish outfit.

With Boy Capel, chanel purse forum she finally allows herself to love.It is actually in a very candid way that she falls madly in love with Boy Capel, and at the same time she doesn’t believe in love. She wants to avoid the traps into which her mother fell. She saw her suffer and be abandoned several times by Coco’s father, a vendor who went from market to market, and from woman to woman. That is when she understood the condition of women, seeing her mother suffer and die in atrocious pain. So, very early on, she must have said to herself: ‘Not me, never!’ That is the reason why, maybe, she saw before the others that the modern woman would not go on like that any longer. Always against the tide, Chanel decides to celebrate the freedom and independence of chanel purse cake women. The loss of the man of her life is yet another blow of destiny.What liberties did you take while working on the screenplay?In order to interpret a famous person, I had to liberate myself from the diktat of the biography if I wanted to get the freshness back. With my co-screenwriters, we had to invent some things, go against the chronology, modify, or give more density to some characters. The role played by Marie Gillain is a mix of the real sister of Chanel and Adrienne, her aunt, who was her age and shared the same ambition to make it in life. The character of Emilienne, interpreted by Emmanuelle Devos, is inspired by the famous comedian Gabrielle Dorziat and Emilienne d’Alen?on, a dancer and great courtesan. Brilliantly portrayed by Alessandro Nivola, Boy Capel, who has such importance in the life of Chanel, actually was no longer with her. We know very little about the first years of where are chanel bags made her life, and Chanel lied all the time. She used to say something I find sublime: ‘I invented my life because my I didn’t like my life.’Your direction respects and celebrates the motto of Coco Chanel, which was: ‘You always have to remove, to strip, and never add.’ Like her, you don’t go for the superfluous, the frills, and the pathos.It was very important to me that the film looked like her, no fuss or aesthetical lyricism. The style of CHANEL is recognizable among all by its rigour, the elegant simplicity of lines. In the scene at the hippodrome or the beach in Deauville, we noticed the total opposition of the style of CHANEL with the dresses of those women and their elaborate headdresses, all the frills and corsets that cut them in half! They had a decorative posture, whereas Chanel was concerned with the existence of the individual. You had to beat the heart of things, all the time,coach outlet online with the movie.You said that sobriety and minima

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