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Fitness Programs for Women - The Best Home Workouts for the Femme Fatale


Femme fatale: “A women who is considered to be dangerously seductive.” It’s every woman’s dream to be one, like the character played by Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Sexy, fit, mentally and emotionally tough, ready to chase and shoot anytime.

Take away the pouting lips and the chasing and the shooting, every woman aspires to be sexy, fit and be mentally and emotionally tough. Sadly, though, the demands of modern living, the financial realities and the stresses of work have put the road to being a femme fatale-exercise diva on the back burner.

This does not have to be the case, however. You don’t need to invest in gym membership or buy designer workout clothes (which become a necessity with gym membership) to stay fit. All you need is determination, motivation and the will-to-succeed. And of course, a consistent home workout schedule.

For women, one of the easiest exercises that you can do at home is wall squats. With your back firmly against the wall, slide down slowly and squat. You can repeat this as often as you can to workout your abs and thighs. Jumping jacks and/or skipping ropes are good cardiovascular workouts that you can do without expensive home fitness equipment.

Crunches are also excellent ab sculptors that you can incorporate into your home workout regimen. Doing hula hoops is one great exercise, too. It exercises you ab muscles while giving you loads of fun reminiscent of your childhood days. If there’s a hill or an incline near your house (stairs will even do, you just have to be a tad more careful), you can do sprints to strengthen your thighs and legs. Start by sprinting for 50 yards and once you’ve built up your strength and endurance, you can gradually increase it by increments of 10 yards. But do no more than a 1000 yard sprints in one day and make sure that you warm up and stretch beforehand to prevent yourself from pulling a muscle or experiencing any other serious injuries.

For toned shoulders and sculpted arms, you can do chair push-ups. With a stable chair for support, lean forward in a push-up position, hold the chair and while standing on the tips of your toes, do your push-ups. Keep your back straight as much as you can and your face forward. This workout not only trims sagging arms, it also makes your breast look much larger (yep!) by strengthening your chest muscles.

Other home workouts that give you the killer bod you desire include curls with the milk or water bottles. An early-morning or late-night brisk walk around your neighborhood is also a good cardiovascular workout. If you have a bike, cycling around the neighborhood is also one cool way to get that hot body you’ve been aiming for.

If you’re a mom, staying at home with the kids can be turned into one fun exercise regimen. You can chase them around and get a good cardiovascular workout in the process. If you’re a single woman living with your dog, you can walk or jog or play fetch with your pooch and achieve the great body you want.
Having a femme fatale body is a not as hard as you initially think. A little creativity, common sense, lots of enthusiasm and of course, an exercise regimen, are really all you need.

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All women do have a different sense of sexuality, or sense of fun, or sense of like what's sexy or cool or tough.

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