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Lg R560 Battery Care Mistakes Recipe

Category: Atkins diet recipes

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Everyone every day with a laptop, you know the notebook  Lg R560 Battery  maintenance errors, and today I gave you talk about, the common  Lg R560 Battery  maintenance errors:

First, a lot of people just playing with a laptop computer, always like the first one will run out of Lg R560 Battery ?charge and twelve hours of new electricity, and then use. Actually do not absolutely necessary, because the laptop has improved power management circuitry and charging management system, when the  Lg R560 Battery  reached saturation, the control circuit will automatically switch to the off state, so long as full on the line, not to say that the longer you can charge with the more long.

Second, the laptop does not have to wait until the Lg R560 Battery ?runs completely out before they can charge, discharge the Lg R560 Battery ?before charging time is not necessary, but also harmful. Because proved: the Lg R560 Battery  depth of discharge will shorten the battery life meaningless, when the Lg R560 Battery ?power is still more than 30% of the best to be recharged.
Third, when the laptop is plugged into the external power supply, notebook battery does not need to take down and now the notebook power control circuit design of this feature: that when the  Lg R560 Battery  reaches 90% or 95% will be charged, and through natural discharge capacity to achieve this time for two weeks to a month, when Lg R560 Battery ?is idle for a month or so to fully charge and discharge in order to maintain battery capacity, this time you should be concerned about is ?Lg R560 Battery ?should exercise the body instead of being idle again after charging .
Fourth, if you want long-term storage battery, try to put dry and low temperature environments and let the Lg R560 Battery charge remaining at around 40% is ideal. Of course, the best month to take the battery out to use them once, both to ensure the battery is good state of preservation, but not so completely lost and damage the  Lg R560 Battery charge


Servings: Lg R560 Bat

Lg R560 Battery Care Mistakes

Lg R560 Battery Care Mistakes

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